The Laboratori d’Arqueologia i Prehistòria is a section within the Institut de Recerca Històrica of the University of Girona. Publishing scientific and popularisation works by the historical archaeology team is one of its main activities.


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Studies on the Rural World in the Roman Period

Studies on the Rural World in the Roman Period es va publicar per primera vegada l’any 2006. A partir d’aquella data i fins al 2016 s’ha publicat com a col·lecció monogràfica, i l’any 2017 es converteix en una revista de periodicitat anual.

L’objectiu de la revista Studies on the rural World in the Roman Period és la divulgació de treballs originals centrats en el món rural d’època romana. Cada número conté un dossier dedicat a un aspecte concret d’aquesta línia de la recerca. Al mateix temps, accepta altres contribucions fora de l’àmbit temàtic del dossier, sempre que s’enquadrin en l’estudi del món rural d’època romana.

Estudis Arqueològics

Estudis Arqueològics series started in 1993 with the main aim of publishing annually results of recent archaeological researches. Original and no-published studies about a wide-range of archaeological subjects within an extension of 50-100 pages are welcome.

Every volume is presented as a short monograph that until volume 9 has been edited physically and from volume 10 onwards is only edited on-line. All on-line editions have free and open access for reading.


Archaeological research, especially that funded totally or partially with public money, has a double side: on the one hand, it increases and improves the scientific knowledge and, on the other hand, results must be disseminated, not only among the scientific community but also general public. For this reason, it is important to spread them through the museumization of excavated sites and/or the development of publications that, without renouncing scientific rigor, are accessible for the general public.

Pointing this line as a principal aim, Guies conceive the publication of original works in order to make closer archaeological research works to readers, both specialists and non-specialists.  Works constituting this series have a more or less brief extension, short texts and an important weight of graphic material with the aim of make the guides very visual and understandable.


The Laboratori d’Arqueologia i Prehistòria has a fourth singular series containing all those works that are not specifically inserted into any of the other three. There are here publications of a wide-range of subjects, aspects, authors and formats, edited with no regular periodicity and aimed at specialized readers.

The main aim of the collection is editing unpublished works about archaeological subjects in a very wide sense. Thus, this includes from scientific monographs on particular sites to proceedings of workshops, meetings, conferences and congresses, including monographic series.



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