Actividad física y estilo de vida saludable

Capdevila Ortís, Lluís
ISBN/ISSN: 9788493434946 Colection:Documenta n° pags: 282 Language: spa

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This book forms the basic handbook for the Course for Promoters of Physical Activity and a Healthy Lifestyle, organized by the Department of Educational Psychology at the Autonomous University of Barcelona. Its focus is interdisciplinary and aims to bring together basic knowledge from science that is applied to physical activity, exercise and sport such as Physical Education, Psychology and Medicine. This book is structured into chapters that facilitate the response to key questions about the need for the promotion of physical activity and physical exercise in the general population, such as: Does physical exercise contribute to improving health? How? What benefits does an active lifestyle have on health and quality of life? Is it possible to prevent disorders and illnesses through physical exercise? What risks do practicing physical exercise entail? Why do people exercise? How can personal motives for exercising be evaluated? Are types of exercise chosen according to motivation? What are the barriers or difficulties involved in exercising? How do you evaluate a healthy physical condition and improvement? How do you avoid giving up? Even though the contents of the book have a proven scientific basis, it uses accessible language to cater for those people who are unfamiliar with an academic approach. Thus it will appeal to a wider public, the vast majority of people who would like to adopt a healthier and more active lifestyle. Despite this, its content and the way it is structured make it extremely useful to those professionals in the health sector who aim to incorporate the promotion of an active lifestyle in their daily task of promoting healthy citizens.n
Capdevila Ortís, Lluís (Autor)

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