Aprendre a morir

Vivències a la vora de la mort
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A few extracts from Antropología del cuidar, by Francesc Torralba, lecturer in philosophy at the Ramon Llull University (URL) and a collaborating member of the Borja Institute of Bioethics (URL), can be used as a basis for the elaboration of this work, which as the prologue points out, through the use of clear and simple language, "Doctor Xavier Busquet and the other collaborators offer us a hundred short tales that allows us to live their experiences, which they have meditated upon, assimilated, interiorized and presented in order to study in depth the seven dimensions of the person: corporality, interiorization, relational life, communicative potential, responsibility, the passage of time and the search for meaning. According to the authors, 'seven great dimensions that are like the branches of a tree. Each branch has different aspects or smaller branches. On these smaller branches we have hung our experiences, as if to illuminate them. Like somebody decorating a Christmas tree, an experience on each branch.'"

Busquet i Duran, Xavier (Coordinació general de)
Valverde i Vila Bella, Esther (Coordinació general de)

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