Avisos de Parnaso

Corachán, Juan Bautista
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«Avisos de Parnaso» was a work written in 1690 by Juan Bautista Corachán (1661-1741) which remained unfinished. In it we are shown the passion for modern science of the young professor of mathematics at the University of Valencia, parading through its pages, apart from a large number of Jesuit scientists and numerous physical experiments, Robert Boyle's pneumatic machine, the first partial translation into Spanish of René Descartes' «Discourse of the Method» and even a journey through the planets of the solar system based on the work of Athanasius Kircher, perhaps the first example of science fiction in Spanish. Together with «El hombre práctico» (1686) by Francisco Gutiérrez de los Ríos, III Count of Fernán Núñez, and the «Carta filosófica médico-química» (1687) by Juan de Cabriada, it can be said to form part of the portico of the Spanish Enlightenment. Years later, Don Gregorio Mayans collected his papers and published them in 1747 as part of the publications of the Academia Valenciana. The present critical edition is based on this Mayansian edition as well as on Corachán's autograph manuscripts.

Corachán, Juan Bautista (Autor)
García López, Jorge (Editor original)
García López, Jorge (Introducció de)

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