Bellesa subversiva del desig
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"Carol" makes visible in a radically subtle way, as rarely a film has done with this intensity, the love between two women, through all the phases of a profound transformation: from the discovery, in the glare of a look , until the final delivery, and only insinuated. And in between, a dialogue of looks and a very elaborate gestures of the hands that give to see, in an incredibly refined way, the emergence, the emergence, the development and the outpouring of the desire for love, as well as a complex cartography of connected passions, from the wait, the uneasiness, the chill, the trembling, the fear or the desolation.
The film has caused some unusual effects: the irruption of a legion of carolistes. At the University of Girona they met eminent, in response to a call by Professor Imma Merino, in January 2017, in the first edition of the cycle "Think a movie", organized by the Cinema Truffaut II IMCOFOTO research project: It was an extraordinarily rich and stimulating day, for the rigor and quality of the interventions and for the vitality of the debates and dialogues that were generated. That those words, adding in addition to others, now become written words and, again, shared is not only a witness of that memorable seminar, but above all an invitation to return, once again, to this wonderful film to prove that thinking of new, in multiple directions.

Merino Serrat, Imma (Autor)
Merino Serrat, Imma (Editor tècnic)
Antich Valero, Xavier (Autor)
Losa García, José Luis (Autor)
Kovacsics Grisolía, Violeta (Autor)
Ribes Pericàs, Francina Maria (Autor)
Iglesias Huix, Eulalia (Autor)
Miró i Coromina, Josep Maria (Autor)
Bayó Duran, Anna (Autor)
Rabaseda i Matas, Joaquim (Autor)
Balsach Peig, Maria-Josep (Autor)
Losilla Alcalde, Carlos (Autor)
Casas Moliner, Quim (Autor)
Carnicé Mur, Marga (Autor)
Rey Benito, Endika (Autor)
Lorenzo Sunyer, Ariadna (Editor literari)

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