Comunicació, llenguatge i salut / Comunicación, lenguaje y salud

Estratègies lingüístiques per millorar la comunicació amb el pacient / Estrategias lingüísticas para mejorar la comunicación con el paciente
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The diagnosis or suspicion of an illness generates an important emotional impact on people and their relatives. On many occasions patients face communicative barriers in the interactions with the health professionals they serve them. The reasons are of different nature: cognitive, linguistic, psychological, cultural. Trying to analyze the problems and look for solutions is a step towards the improvement of the quality of life of every citizen.

COMMUNICATION, LANGUAGE AND HEALTH: Linguistic strategies to improve communication with the patient present the conferences and presentations of the HEALTHCOM-19 Day, held in the framework of the JUNTS project (RecerCaixa 2015. We move forward with science. ACUP and Obra Social "La Caixa ") And organized by the IULATERM group. Specialized knowledge is used in oral communication, such as a medical or written visit, such as a medical report, through language and especially through terminology. The look of linguists, terminologists, translators, mediators, communication specialists is the one that prevails in the work of this edition of HEALTHCOM.

Estopà Bagot, Rosa (Autor)
Estopà Bagot, Rosa (Coordinació editorial de)
Gutiérrez Rodilla, Bertha M. (Autor)
Llopart‐Saumell, Elisabet (Autor)
da Cunha, Iria (Autor)
Lorente i Casafont, Mercè (Autor)
Pozuelo Ollé, Òscar (Autor)
Montané March, M. Amor (Autor)
Porras-Garzón, Jorge M. (Autor)
Vidal‐Sabanés, Laia (Autor)
Xu, Yingfeng (Autor)
Vivaldi, Jorge (Autor)
Domènech, Ona (Autor)
Moharra, Montserrat (Autor)
Martínez López, Ana Belén (Autor)
Suñer Soler, Rosa (Autor)
Mayor Serrano, María Blanca (Autor)
Cabré Castellví, M. Teresa (Autor)
Montalt, Vicent (Autor)
Raga Gimeno, Francisco (Autor)
Pascual, Sergi (Autor)
Fernández Aguilera, Mònica (Autor)
Delavigne, Valérie (Autor)

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