De la magia al escepticismo

Literatura, ciencia y pensamiento en los siglos XVI - XVIII
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The works that the reader will find in this volume are a continuation of the lines of research previously addressed by the Spanish-German network "Humanistic knowledge and ways of life". The object of study on this occasion is the relationship between literature, science and thought in the XVI-XVIII centuries, based for the most part on texts and forms of dissemination that deal with magical and skeptical aspects. As is well known, the study of literature, in many cases, is not only literary, not even humanistic, but is also linked to the scientific horizon and the episteme of each era. In the sixteenth-eighteenth centuries, literature, science and thought were imbricated in the works of many writers whose interests went beyond the strictly literary, interested in medicine, astrology or astronomy, among other scientific options. Authors that we now consider scientists were considered men of letters or humanists at a time when literature and science went hand in hand. The volume is dedicated to the study of that happy convergence.
Sánchez Ruiz, Mariona (Autor)
Sánchez Ruiz, Mariona (pròleg de)
Sánchez Ruiz, Mariona (Editor tècnic)
Vázquez Melio, María (Autor)
García-Bermejo Giner, Miguel M. (Autor)
Gernert, Folke (Autor)
Bischoff, Christina Johanna (Autor)
Gómez Canseco, Luis María (Autor)
Montaner Frutos, Alberto (Autor)
Gambin, Felice (Autor)
Palacios Larrosa, Miriam (Autor)
Folger, Robert (Autor)
Boadas, Sònia (Autor)
García López, Jorge (Autor)

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