Del carrer a les urnes: el dret a decidir, en campanya

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The failure of the attempt to negotiate improved funding for Catalonia between the Government and the Government of Spain and the massive support for the demonstration of National Day of September 11, 2012, precipitated the end of the term began in 2010 and that had gone back to the Government of Convergence and Union (CiU). The turn towards the nationalist formation sovereignism difficult relations between the Government and the Popular Party (PP) of receiving support other reason that, added to the previous two, led President, Artur Mas, to call early elections. The electoral breakthrough was the beginning of a campaign organized around national aspirations of Catalonia, putting would have preferred a more ambiguous compromise those parties with the question 'was the case, for example, the PSC or those not having to take into account such as might be the case of PP and C 's. The economic axis, which had been the priority in the campaign of 2010, due to the deep crisis that dominates Western economies since 2008, remained in the background. In this study all these aspects are analyzed and others whose theoretical and methodological framework of political communication.nThe Study of the election campaign of 2012 in the Parliament of Catalonia is the result of an interdisciplinary research line around the campaign initiated by the UNICA research group of the Department of Communication at the University Pompeu Fabra, in collaboration with the Department of Political Science from the same university, and the participation of researchers from other research centers: Rovira i Virgili University of Tarragona, Ramon Llull University, UOC and University of Deusto. n
Pont Sorribes, Carles (Editor del volum)
Capdevila Gómez, Arantxa (Editor del volum)

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