El claviorgue Hauslaib del Museu de la Música de Barcelona – The Hauslaib claviorgan in the Museu de la Música de Barcelona – El claviórgano Hauslaib del Museu de la Música de Barcelona

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The Lorenz Hauslaib claviorgan is one of the most unique and intriguing instruments in the rich collection of the Barcelona Museum of Music. This singular and ingenious object combines the mechanics of a small organ and a little spinet which can be played together, blending the two timbres, with both instruments housed within a tiny, luxurious cabinet.nThis is one of the very few sixteenth-century claviorgans left in the world and it is very probably the only one which, 400 years after it was first built, is still in a condition to be played, producing a wonderfully captivating sound from the same materials that were used in the period when it was built. This achievement has been made possible thanks to a long process of research, study and restoration instigated by the Museum and the meticulous restoration work by both the organ-maker Joan Martí and the Gerhard Grenzing organ workshop.nThis book brings together all the information and research produced by the teams responsible for recovering the sound of the claviorgan and is the first in a series of specialist publications by the Museum of Music, available in both hard-copy and electronic formats (which allows for the inclusion of audio-visuals showing the instrument being played). The aim is to disseminate the knowledge and research associated with the collections held by the Museum. At the end of the hard-copy book there is a code giving free access to the electronic version.nThis book reflects the 50-year history of an institution that has spearheaded research into, and the restoration of, Catalan heritage in musical instruments. nn

Ayats i Abeyà, Jaume (Editor del volum)
Ayats i Abeyà, Jaume (Autor)
Rossinyol i Panella, Oriol (Autor)
Escalas i Llimona, Romà (Autor)
Laguna de la Mata, Óscar (Autor)
Martí i Llobet, Joan (Autor)
Cuscó Pallarès, Imma (Autor)

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