El vol i la corda

Sobre la poesia de Joan Vinyoli
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explains the work of one of the fundamental authors of 20th century Catalan poetry. This work has been written by one of the most important scholars of Vinyoli's work, the poet and essayist Josep M. Sala-Valldaura, who had already published Joan Vinyoli in 1985. In this new work, Sala-Valldaura delves so deeply into the poetics as in the verses, pointing out the foundations of its conception and the weight of the post-symbolist tradition. Thus, the book highlights the importance of silence and sleep in Vinyoli's poems, the influence of the thought of Bremond, Pfeiffer, Raïssa and Jacques Maritain or Paul Valéry and the imprint of Rainer Maria Rilke and Carles Riba.
Sala Valldaura, Josep Maria (Autor)

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