Els propietaris i l’associacionisme agrari a Catalunya (1890-1936)

Planas i Maresma, Jordi
ISBN/ISSN: 9788493523114 Colection:Biblioteca d'Història Rural (BHR - Rural History Library) / Estudis n° pags: 326 Idioma: spa
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Since the 19th century the economical and social position of the rural owners has suffered an intense backward movement. Parallel to the backward step of the importance of the agricultural industry, those that had been a ruling class have lost their pre-eminence progressively and have seen their social legitimacy questioned. Naturally, this process has not been exempt from tensions. In Catalonia, the period that starts with the agricultural crisis at the end of the 19th century and finishes with the Civil War is an example of this. As other European regions, the owners attempted to retrieve the social leadership through  collective action and promoted a new associationism based on their identity as a professional group, with the goal of setting themselves up as representatives of the interests of the agricultural industry. This book examines the set of  organization initiatives of the agricultural interests and of social mobilization that the Catalan owners carried out during this key period of our history, from its more representative institution: the Catalan Agricultural Institute of Sant Isidre.

Planas i Maresma, Jordi (Autor)

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