Emili Blanch Roig (1897-1996)

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The heavy burden of the Franco dictatorship covered with its shadow overwhelming political dissent or ideological rivalry, and also, or instead, buried careers that were at their peak. Resumes truncated, temporarily or permanently, in some cases diverted to other areas, in the professional sense or in strictly geographical. So, at the end of the Civil War many citizens were expelled from their family and professional life of exile and the various forms of repression, which included from prison (or death) to professional clearance, the disqualification or exile, or even a dramatic cocktail of these various forms of official retaliation.nEmili Blanch (1897-1996) was one of the victims that match this profile. Responsible for the construction of the Generalitat de Catalunya in Girona during the Republic and leading representative of rationalist architecture, lived repression and exile after the Civil War. His case, one of many, is a particular witness laden personal intensity, but at the same time is paradigmatic of a brilliant professional profile victim of total and systematic repression of the regime victorious. A case exodus and doomed to oblivion in this work aims to be relocated in history, in the prominent place that would have been achieved without the mediation nefarious surely forty years of dictatorship.n

Domènech Casadevall, Gemma (Autor)

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