Guía del Autoestopista Salutogénico

Lindström, Bengt / Eriksson, Monica
ISBN/ISSN: 9788499841021 Colection:Publicacions de la Càtedra Promoció de la Salut n° pags: 96 Idioma: spa
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In the late 70's Aaron Antonovsky introduced the concept of promoting salutogenesis look of the concept of positive health. Antonovsky turned the concept of health stating that: "We must look at what creates health rather than to the limitations and causes of diseases. "nBut despite the theoretical similarities with the intentions described in 1986 in the Ottawa Charter and health promotion, has not yet been sufficiently explored the potential of the salutogenic theory. Is a need to focus on health rather than disease-centered approach.n

Lindström, Bengt (Autor)
Eriksson, Monica (Autor)


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