Impactos de la dimensión cultural en el desarrollo

ISBN/ISSN: 9788499842264 Colection:Publicacions de la Càtedra UNESCO n° pags: 224 Idioma: spa
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This publication presents a study on the impact of culture in development from different perspectives and experiences. These works reflect the need to advance the realization and practical application of the ideas that have been built on a cultural approach to development. The incorporation of the cultural dimension in development policies presents a considerable progress in recent years from the resolutions of the United Nations and highly significant in the context of the MDGs at the local and international experiences. The effectiveness of development policies is a requirement of the international community to achieve the reduction of poverty and exclusion, which are to be addressed from all dimensions. Assess the impact of culture in development now becomes a necessity due to their own culture and their need for greater visibility into the development process characteristics.n

Martinell Sempere, Alfons (Coordinació general de)


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