Innovació, proximitat i serveis al municipi

Alabert i López, Marc
ISBN/ISSN: 9788499841069 Colection:Dipsalut Publicacions n° pags: 92 Idioma: cat

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Innovació, proximitat i serveis al municipi: el model Dipsalut is an analysis Dipsalut and at the same time, a reflection on how the public can address the real needs from an innovative and efficient. The challenge, the implementation and development of the Autonomous Public Health of the Provincial de Girona, Dipsalut serves the author as a leitmotif, first, to explore new ways and new systems of action by the public and second, to highlight that it is possible to achieve efficiency in management, despite the current situation.nToday Dipsalut is a leader in the field of protection and promotion of health in the Girona area, but so is a management model and, as such, can serve as an example for other services and experience of management. n

Alabert i López, Marc (Autor)


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