Introducción a la Expresión Gráfica en la Publicidad

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This book presents an introduction to the graphic aspects applied in advertising, starting with the creative process and following the different elements that make up the theory and graphic composition. Aspects related to perspective representation, light treatment and representation of the human figure are shown. Different techniques are presented for the development of ideas, focused mainly on the realization of initial and advanced sketches, as well as basic notions for the realization of storyboards or Storyboards. Subsequently, the text focuses on three fundamental sections: a first section related to the editing and treatment of images, another related to the vector image and a last one focused on the layout and composition.
The book is designed to obtain a didactic reading and is presented with a multitude of images that help to better understand the text. We hope it helps all those students and lovers of graphic representation who want to enter the field of graphic expression in advertising.

Julián Pérez, Fernando (Autor)
Alcalà Vilavella, Manel (Autor)
Espinach Orús, Xavier (Autor)
Costa Brugué, Francesc Xavier (Autor)

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