Josep Maria Capdevila. Personalitat, obra i llegat

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Josep Maria Capdevila (Olot, 1892-Banyoles, 1972), philosopher, literary critic, journalist, is a notable and very significant figure in the Catalan intellectual landscape prior to the so-called "democratic transition." He emphasized by a firm commitment to the country, by his Christian convictions, but also by an extraordinary sensitivity to the problems of social justice. In one of his books, On the threshold of philosophy, he wrote the following: "We do not separate ourselves from a moment of life. We start from living things and live and do not move. After all, life is not because we make philosophy, but philosophy is to explain life. "According to Capdevila, we can only begin to make philosophy" laden with metaphysical and logical experiences. With the systematic study we did not try to explain more clearly to us a world that we knew confusedly. We do not ask for a lot of new knowledge, but, above all, clarify and order those that we already had."
Vergés Gifra, Joan (Editor general)
Vergés Gifra, Joan (Director editorial)
Vergés Gifra, Joan (Prefaci de)
Raguer i Suñer, Ernesto (Autor)
Cortada Hortalà, Joan (Autor)
Carreras i Péra, Joan (Autor)
Blanc i Canyelles, Francesc Blanc i Canyelles (Autor)
Castellet i Sala, Jordi (Autor)
Miró i Comas, Abel (Autor)
Murgadas Barceló, Josep Maria (Autor)
Cortada Hortalà, Josep (Autor)
Cuscó Clarasó, Joan (Autor)
Villagrasa Hernández, Fèlix (Autor)
Jiménez Guirao, Jordi (Autor)

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