La Terminología en el siglo XXI

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The IX edition of the Iberoamerican Symposium of Terminology, celebrated in Institut d'Estudis Catalans on 29th and 30th of November and 1st and 2nd of December in 2004, accommodated the initiatives of the Fòrum de les Cultures de Barcelona 2004, first edition of a new international event that intended -and still does so in its continuation- to promote dialogue between the different cultures of the world in order to articulate a culture of peace, respectful of functionally sustainable diversity, able to impulse a globalization process based on shared ethical, egalitarian and mutually binding criteria. The principles of Fòrum de les Cultures Barcelona 2004, based on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and on the programmatic principles of United Nations, assume the compromise to foment democratic values, the defence of liberties and individual rights, respect for ethnic, cultural, linguistic and religious diversity, the impulse for dialogue and creativity, respect for biodiversity, the foment of social responsibility through dialogue and the promotion of sustainable development. La Red Iberoamericana de Terminología (RITerm) cooperated at the beginning, dedicating the IX Symposium to the role of terminology in the three Fòrum thematic axis: peace, diversity and sustainability. Terminology can have an important role in this dialogue, in two ways: on one hand, because it can take part in delimitation of strongly ideologized and polysemic concepts that are at the base of many unchained conflicts; on the other hand, because it is a vital element for transmission of ideas and knowledge in a plurilinguism and specialisation frame.

Cabré i Castellví, M. Teresa (Editor del volum)
Estopà Bagot, Rosa (Editor del volum)
Tebé Soriano, Carles (Editor del volum)

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