L’amor a l’edat mitjana – El amor en la Edad Media

ISBN/ISSN: 9788499841809 Colection:Estudis de cultura escrita i visual n° pags: 184 Idioma: cat,spa,ita
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In this book, about love , about their experiences and inventions , we understand love as a multiplicity of forms of relationship that is expressed and manifested among human creatures throughout history and in the present. Love is a relationship that exists between persones and where it is difficult to determine the purpose or aim beyond the affair itself. When we understand love relationships very different relationships : sex and / or relationships and / or spiritual , or ritualized instinctive relations , ephemeral or lasting relationships , heterosexual or homosexual , relationships always voluntary , because the love you can not force it my love is deep inside freely. But all these different relationships realize very diverse practices dictated by conflicting requirements of every person and every society. Love is the main mediator experience . This is because women - who choose - which anchor life in her womb and allowed to grow to love the body until they give birth , when feasible , outside. Human creatures have made love and their ways of understanding and practices founding element of civilization. nn

Varela Rodríguez, M. Elisa (Editor del volum)
Boto Varela, Gerardo (Editor del volum)

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