Producte i Responsabilitat Social

Espinach Orús, Xavier / Julián Pérez, Fernando / Verdaguer Arpa, Jordi
ISBN/ISSN: 9788499840918 Colection:UdG Publicacions / PRODIS n° pags: 158 Idioma: cat

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Although ethical considerations in the design and product development has been a constant in the history of the subject the current social and economic framework has made them more visible. Thus we observed that increased environmental awareness of users and this has been reflected primarily in advertising and on the performance of new products (especially cars). On the other hand was done on the creation of a body of theory about Corporate Social Responsibility, clarifying the win-win relationships between companies and different stakeholders. Management trends have incorporated these strategies into your operation, but while the company's activities are clearly defined, are not products. This brings up a contradiction as an arms company is socially responsible.n This book explores the possible definition for socially responsible products, mainly based on the experiences of young designers. The goal is to make them capable of creating new products to enrich society, take forward and add innovation and value creation in productive enterprises. n

Espinach Orús, Xavier (Autor)
Julián Pérez, Fernando (Autor)
Verdaguer Arpa, Jordi (Autor)


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