Realitat i veritat en Francesc Pujols

ISBN/ISSN: 9788499842752 Colection:Publicacions de la Càtedra Ferrater Mora / Noms de la filosofia catalana n° pags: 336 Idioma: cat
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"Pujols is nothing stretched, well on the contrary. He doesn't have the tone of the know-it-all who wants to be believed. He is the man who advances knowledge, who proposes ideas and who does so with a living, pleasant, new language, with the grace of popular speech and with the logic of very worked language, very articulated. Reading Pujols is a pleasure and a luxury, it's a party. It departs so much from what is common in the field of thought and philosophy that always represents an alanned fresh air, mental oxygenation, assisted ventilation. Like a snake charmer, Pujols leads the reader from the assent to the stupor, from joy to irritation, from laughter to more serious reflection. Many of the issues he addresses are discussed in this volume." (from Josep-Maria Terricabras's «Presentació»).
Terricabras Nogueras, Josep-Maria (Coordinació general de)

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