Resistencias indígenas

Contribuciones del X Encuentro Multidisciplinar de Pueblos Indígenas
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On May 30 and 31, 2019 was held the 10th edition of the meeting of the Multidisciplinary Network on indigenous peoples, with the theme of the indigenous Resistance ́, coordinated by Salvador Martí Puig and Marco Aparicio, and organised by Daniel Rodríguez, Nila Chavez, María Inés Rivadeneira and Anaïs Varo. The 10th meeting EMPI not only convened as an academic meeting, but decisively thought for all those people who work to achieve full compliance with the rights of indigenous peoples, integrate or accompany the processes of transformation and struggle of indigenous peoples and nations and who defend the right to protest and denounces their criminalization.
Aparicio Wilhelmi, Marco (Autor)
Aparicio Wilhelmi, Marco (Editor literari)
Aparicio Wilhelmi, Marco (pròleg de)
Varo Barranco, Anaís (Editor literari)
Varo Barranco, Anaís (pròleg de)
Sánchez De Jaegher, Carolina (Autor)
El Fakih Rodríguez, Fátima (Autor)
García Ruales, Jenny (Autor)
Mora Navarro, Fanny Verónica (Autor)
Cassú Camps, Enric (Autor)
Rufino Parente, Alexis (Autor)
Duque, Santiago R. (Autor)
Guagnelli Núñez, Aldo Armando (Autor)

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