Teaching projects in product design

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Designing a new product involves a process of searching for ideas and solutions that must be accompanied by a set of multi-disciplinary skills and knowledge. Depending on the complexity of the product, it might even need the creation of very heterogeneous work teams. The work of the industrial designer in these cases involves the definition of the tree of knowledge necessary to successfully resolve the design project. Industrial designers, due to their training, are capable of grasping the design project as a whole, and transmitting the to the rest of the work team members the specific requirements of the work, often acting as a communication interface between professionals from very diverse spheres.n

Julián Pérez, Fernando (Autor)
Espinach Orús, Xavier (Autor)
Verdaguer Pujadas, Narcís (Autor)
Tresserras Picas, Josep (Autor)


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