Terminología y derecho

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Terminología y derecho: complejidad de la comunicación multilingüe includes, in the first part, the texts of the communications of the V International Symposium of Terminology, as well as the communications and the round table of closure and, in the second part, the conferences of opening and of closure of the V International School of Summer of Terminology given by Luis González and Josefa Gómez de Enterría respectively. The symposium, in its fifth edition, was dedicated to the interrelation of the terminology with the law, centred in the Terminology subject and law: the complexity of multilingual communication. This volume collects the communications of Rosalind Greenstein, Dénotation et connotation dans le domaine du droit; M. Teresa Castiñeira, Precisión del lenguaje y principio de legalidad; and Laura Santamaría, Términos frágiles y conceptos sólidos; as well as external communications of related subjects presented in the symposium. The symposium was concluded with a round table, which is included also in this volume, that Natividad Gallardo, Rosalind Greeinstein, Laura Santamaria, Elena Ferran y Agustí Pou took part in.

Cabré i Castellví, M. Teresa (Editor del volum)
Bach Martorell, Carme (Editor del volum)
Martí Llobet, Jaume (Editor del volum)

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