XVII Coloquio de Geografía Rural

ISBN/ISSN: 9788499842530 Colection:Acta n° pags: 146 Idioma: spa

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The Working Group on Rural Geography of AGE, the Department of Geography at the University of Girona and Agroterritori Foundation organize Symposium XVII COLORURAL 2014 in Girona.nUnder the slogan "Revaluing rural areas: reading the past to win the future," this conference is seen as an opportunity to evaluate and discuss about the changes and stays occurred in rural areas in order to elucidate the strengths that have to do possible their survival and recovery in the current context.n

Pavón Gamero, David (Editor del volum)
Ribas Palom, Anna (Editor del volum)
Ricart Casadevall, Sandra (Editor del volum)
et al., (Editor del volum)

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