La Patrimonialització de la materialitat etrusca a la Toscana

Burch i Rius, Josep
ISBN/ISSN: 9788496742260 Colection:UdG Publicacions n° pags: 76 Idioma: cat

15.38 Preu sense IVA


The interest in the Etruscan culture showed by current Italian society, in particular the Tuscany region, is the consequence of a long and complex cultural heritage: from the collection of non-specific Etruscan objects, carried out from the 15th century, up to the more recent interest in the heritage for economic reasons. The book is divided in two major sections. The first is dedicated to explaining the process of patrimonyship of the Etruscan materiality, from the constitution of the first archeological collections until the present. In the second, the interrelation of this process of patrimonyship with the forms of management and the current uses that are given to the material remains of the Etruscan civilization, especially in those that are preserved and are exposed in museums, is considered.n

Burch i Rius, Josep (Autor)

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