Actes del XII Col·loqui Internacional de Botànica Pirenaica ‐ Cantàbrica

Bou Manobens, Jordi / Vilar i Sais, Lluís /
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This book contains the articles and abstracts derived from the papers and posters presented at the XII International Botany Symposium of the Pyrenees-Cantabrian, held in Girona from 3 to 5 July, 2019. The order followed in the articles is the presentation during the Congress. Dr. Pèlachs ' Inaugural lecture has also been added, entitled "The Papel of the historical environmental geography in the Conservación del Paisaje de alta Montaña" and the script of the exit that took place in the eastern Pyrenees.

Bou Manobens, Jordi (Autor)
Bou Manobens, Jordi (Editor literari)
Vilar i Sais, Lluís (Autor)
Vilar i Sais, Lluís (Editor literari)

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