Biografia ó explicació del arbre genealògich de la descendencia de casa Heras de Adri (1350-1850)

Heras de Puig, Miquel
ISBN/ISSN: 9788495483096 Colection:Biblioteca d'Història Rural (BHR - Rural History Library) / Documents n° pags: 240 Idioma: cat

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In 1857 was published in Girona the Biografía ó explicació del arbre geneològich de la descendencia de Casa Heras de Adri, at that time one of the leading families of landowners in the province of Girona. Compiled from the family archive by Miquel own Heras de Puig, then heir to the estate, and written in Catalan because, says the author, was addressed to friends and relatives "and is not convenient to talk to those referred to in a language other than ordinarily communicate and understand from their own assumpta "the book explains, in chronological order, the vicissitudes through which passed the heirs and other sons and daughters of the Heras family since 1350. The book oozes class pride of a wealthy sector of the peasantry Girona, boasting it had formed itself through their own efforts and good management of its assets, and offers us some clues to understanding the formation mechanisms and maintenance of large agricultural estates Girona nineteenth century.

Heras de Puig, Miquel (Autor)
Bosch i Portell, Mònica (Editor del volum)
Ferrer i Alòs, Llorenç (Editor del volum)

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