Cinema, publicitat i turisme

ISBN/ISSN: 9788499841731 Colection:UdG Publicacions / Comunicació i Societat n° pags: 238 Idioma: cat,spa,fre,eng
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This book collects scientific input and reflection shared by several international researchers, Spanish and Catalan, which analyzes the relationship between cinema, advertising and tourism. With regard to advertising, the beginning of this relationship is to be found, in the late nineteenth century, founding films of the Lumière brothers and through the strategy of "product placement" used with more or less consciousness, then. A relationship that extends and becomes more complex, thereafter, up to the new forms of communication that has led Internet. But relations between cinema and advertising cover many other areas and facets, as witnessed, among others, reflection and analysis on the relationship between fictional characters James Bond, Johnny English, and the company Barclays, through the star strategy. n

Girona Duran, Ramon (Editor del volum)

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