Educar amb totes les lletres

Timoneda Gallart, Carme
ISBN/ISSN: 9788499842202 Colection:Publicacions de la Fundació Carme Vidal Xifre de Neuropiscopedagogia n° pags: 78 Idioma: cat
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Educating with all the letters is, in fact, the great task that becomes the fact of being parents. What do you expect from a child of your parents? What do we need to do for our children? Surely they are questions that we have done more than once and that, even, they can get us to anguish, especially when problems arise. When a child sees the world, we feel immense joy. At the same time, however, something changes inside us. It is as if we were feeling the burden of a new responsibility. This little loved one needs a lot of us and its maturity will depend to a large extent on what we do and how we deal with it. It's an exciting task, but, recognize me, it makes us respect. This book is born with the aim of becoming a resource to help calm the anguish that can make us feel the fact of being parents. My intention is to offer those tips and explanations that may help as many of you as possible. Although it is difficult to generalize and that, as we say colloquially, each case is a world, there are common and specific aspects of the cognitive and emotional development of children that can be converted into a guide for our peer work . "Books are bees that carry pollen from one intelligence to another" (R. Lowell)
Timoneda Gallart, Carme (Autor)



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