Homelessness is a situation of extreme social exclusion related to lack of or difficulties in accessing housing. One of the main risk factors for increasing the vulnerability of the health of people in this situation is drug use, especially alcohol.
On the other hand, people with problems associated with drug use who find themselves in situations of social exclusion usually present forms of residential exclusion that aggravate their symptomatology.
Given the exclusively biomedical tradition of health care, despite the consideration of health as biopsychosocial, the more social aspects of health and its determinants are not usually considered in the scientific or popular literature when dealing with cases of drug dependence in specialised services.
This book aims to provide a social perspective on a growing problem in our society and how the co-authors, all professionals in direct care from different disciplines and fields, approach the phenomenon of the intersection between homelessness and drug dependence.

Calvo García, Francisco (Autor)
Calvo García, Francisco (Coordinació editorial de)
Francisco Grau, Adriana (Autor)
Ventura Gonzalez, Albert (Autor)
Parés Bayerri, Alícia (Autor)
Guindos Bretones, Andrés (Autor)
Marco Mascarell, Anna (Autor)
Llort Suárez, Antoni (Autor)
Serra Moreno, Arnau (Autor)
Flecha Romero, Maria Celeste (Autor)
Rives Roura, Clara (Autor)
Vázquez Villamor, David (Autor)
Duarri Amills, Ester (Autor)
Martinez Plaza, Esther (Autor)
López García de la Plaza, Eva (Autor)
Pardos Crespo, Eva (Autor)
Carreté Fisas, Guillem (Autor)
Tauste Garcia, Irene (Autor)
Roura Gelis, Jordi (Autor)
Codina Ludeña, Laura (Autor)
Jiménez Barahona, Lidia (Autor)
Farreny Terrado, Maria Teresa (Autor)
García Tirado, Marta (Autor)
Fullà Valls, Mercè (Autor)
Salvans Sagué, Mercè (Autor)
Imbernón Casas, Miriam (Autor)
Roig Roig Patricia, Lourdes (Autor)
Romero Quejigo, Paula (Autor)
Castillo Alarcon, Maria de la Paz (Autor)
Blanca Tubau, Raquel (Autor)
Carrión Alfonso, Raquel (Autor)
Moreno Cuadrado, Raquel (Autor)
Jiménez Vinaja, Raúl (Autor)
Alfranca Pardillos, Rebeca (Autor)
Ferrando Esquerré, Sara (Autor)
Sanchez Martin, Sonia (Autor)
Ballabriga Córdoba, María Thais (Autor)
Borràs i Cabacés, Teresita del Niño Jesús (Autor)
Ayachi Zougarh, Zakaria (Autor)
Gamero Aguilera, Jesús (Autor)

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