Estudio de la cerámica de mesa y cocina del establecimiento rural tardorrepublicano de Can Canal, Cabrera de Mar: Propuesta metodológica y resultados


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This article presents the results of a study of ceramic artefacts carried out in the archaeological site of Can Canal, Cabrera de Mar (El Maresme, Catalonia). Table and cooking wares of this rural settlement from the Late Roman Republican period are analysed. In particular, we examine the ceramic material from two stratigraphic units associated with a garbage dump. More specifically, we focus on the most common categories and shapes as well as their origin and functional context.

The importance of the study is, first of all, that it highlights important aspects of daily life and, especially, of household spaces. Additionally, it contributes to a better understanding of the kind of rural exploitation that was the main economic driving force in the ancient world. Finally, it provides a methodological approach that may be useful for future studies.

Jiménez Arteaga, Carolina (Autor)


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