Filiales de multinacionales en España

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The current phenomenon of globalization has encouraged the increasing role of multinational companies and the presence of foreign capital in the Spanish economy. n Although the countries were initially reluctant to show the performance of these large companies in their territories, the benefits arising from foreign direct investment (FDI) that perform these companies have moderate initial rejection of this attitude. So now the subsidiaries of multinationals have become key players in territorial competitiveness. Conducting R & D is a key indicator to deepen the value added of the activities carried out by large firms in different countries. The analysis based on data from 125 subsidiaries of foreign multinational industrial located in Spain provides a representative view of the behavior of this group. The need to retain the territory in the R & D conducted by these subsidiaries, is a strategic issue and, undoubtedly, crucial to maintaining and improving the competitiveness of the Spanish economy.n

Valls Pasola, Jaume (Autor)
Miravitlles Matamoros, Paloma (Autor)
Núñez Carballosa, Ana (Autor)
Guitart Tarrés, Laura (Autor)
Castán Farrero, José María (Autor)


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