Guia de Sant Sebastià de la Guarda – Palafrugell

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ISBN/ISSN: 9788499842547 Colection:Publicacions del Laboratori d'Arqueologia i Prehistoria de la Universitat de Girona / Guies n° pags: Idioma: cat,spa,eng,fre


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There is no doubt that there must be a beautiful mystery in the intimate relationship established with the mountain of Sant Sebastia. Because only a kind of infatuation, a kind of love affair may explain the spell that awakens the place. A mystery that has much to do with life, intense, that has developed throughout history and ubiquity as a vantage point.n

Laboratori d’, Arqueologia. Institut de Recerca Històrica (Editor del volum)
Museu del Suro (Editor del volum)
Ajuntament de Palafrugell (Editor del volum)


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