Introduction and applications of DIN 8580

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The book “Introduction and applications of DIN 8580” was written during the 2007/2008 academic years at the Universitat de Girona in the Framework of the subject "Innovation in Production Systems" within the Masters degree of Business Innovation and Technology Management. This subject introduces the manufacturing process world to the students. nOne of the principal objectives is to clearly present how many manufacturing processes exist as well as where, how and what they are used for and when the manufacturing process can be applied. Further topics consider the manufacturing processes and how such questions are  answered by the DIN8580 STANDARD. The main goal of this book is to improve the DIN8580 STANDARD, by definitions, procedures, figures and some examples of all the manufacturing processes defined by the STANDARD.nThis subject was attended by students with various backgrounds. Many of them were engineers but there are also several students with other backgrounds such as business, economics and others related to the Masters. As a result, students from 2007/2008 proposed writing a book which can help future students wanting to learn more about manufacturing processes following the DIN8580 structure: the reason for this book.nThe authors hope that this book will be helpful for all those interested in the fascinating world of manufacturing processes.n n n

de Ciurana Gay, Joaquim (Editor del volum)


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