La idea d’un film

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Introductory studies of Àngel Quintana and Pere Alberón nThis volume presents the sessions led by Theo Angelopoulos to the  Càtedra Ferrater Mora of the UdG from 12 to 15 June 2000. For the first time in eleven years of history since its inception in 1989, the Chair was invited to a film. The presence of Angelopoulos gave a uniqueness to the development of some lessons that usually have a markedly to academic master and predictable. In large part, this uniqueness is reflected in the pages of this book, even though they can not collect the pleasure that il'emoció could experience the participants who also attended the screening of some of the films of Angelopoulos. In fact, the atmosphere he wanted to create during the meetings that he did not lead to the usual academic settings. Angelopoulos was only brief interventions, which were accompanied by intense dialogue and questions that would offer him the opportunity to make further explanations, more details and thoughts aloud. nn
Angelopoulos, Theo (Autor)
Stathi, Irini (Autor)
Rollet, Sylvie (Autor)

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