La moneda baiximperial romana de Roses

Bouzas Sabater, Marc
ISBN/ISSN: 9788499844633 DOI: Colection:Publicacions del Laboratori d'Arqueologia i Prehistoria de la Universitat de Girona / Estudis Arqueològics n° pags: 190 Idioma: cat


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The main aim of this book is to publish the complete collection of Late roman coins recovered during the archaeological works in the Ciutadella de Roses. The focus of the study is placed on those coins that have an archaeological context associated, but we also include some coins that come, at least in theory, from the site but that were bought to local traders. In sum there is a total of six hundred sixty three Late roman coins that had never been published before. The main objective is to publish a catalogue of this coins with detailed information taking special care on some topics like the coin type, its mint, its emissary or the importance of the imitation coinage. In order to achieve that objective we first present the catalogue and after that a text where some aspects of the coins are discussed.

Bouzas Sabater, Marc (Autor)

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