La reforma catòlica a la muntanya catalana a través de les visites pastorals

Solà Colomer, Xavier
ISBN/ISSN: 9788496742765 Colection:Biblioteca d'Història Rural (BHR - Rural History Library) / Estudis n° pags: 420 Idioma: cat
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The present volume -adaptation of the doctoral thesis of the author- explains the introduction of the Catholic Reform in a series of rural and mountain parishes of the bishoprics of Girona (in the valleys of Ridaura, Bas, Hostoles and Amer) and of Vic (in the Collsacabra and the valleys of Susqueda and Sau), between 1587 and 1800, from the bishops Jaume Caçador and Pedro Jaime to the erudite Tomàs de Lorenzana and Francisco de Veyan.
Solà Colomer, Xavier (Autor)

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