La torre Desvern de Celrà

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The excavations executed in Torre Desvern (Celrà, Gironès) in 2003 and between 2011 and 2017 documented a wide occupation of the place. During the 7th century, it was built, in the place where today we find Torre Desvern, a Visigoth settlement. Despite the previous remains, the origin of the current building is found it in 12th century, when it was built a medieval construction dominated by a rectangular tower. Between 15 and 16th centuries, the building was transformed in a Gothic palace. Finally, during the 18th century, Torre Desvern became a conventional country house.
Codina Falgàs, Ferran (Autor)
Palahí Grimal, Lluís (Autor)
Prat Vilà, Marc (Autor)
Sagrera Aradilla, Jordi (Autor)

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