La vil·la romana de Can Ring o dels Pompeu Saturió (Besalú)

Les dades anteriors a l'excavació programada


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When in 1958 the first remains of Roman ceramics were collected in the field where the town is located, there was no place name in force that would allow the place to be specifically identified. The issue was solved in a pragmatic way and, as is usually done in these cases even today, baptizing the site with the name of the closest farm or farms, two in our case: Can Ring and Can Llandrich or Llandric. Since then these names were used by the bibliography, often jointly, to refer to the site, until in recent years the name of Can Ring has been imposed, for no apparent reason, perhaps due to its rarity and particularity.

Frigola Torrent, Joan (Autor)
Castanyer Masoliver, Pere (Autor)
Tremoleda Trilla, Joaquim (Autor)
Bouzas Sabater, Marc (Contribucions de)
Guiral Pelegrín, Carmen (Contribucions de)
Mostalac Carrillo, Antonio (Autor)
Ortiz-Quintana Escardívol, Helena (Contribucions de)
Sala Bartrolí, Roger (Contribucions de)
Cobos Fajardo, Antoni (Contribucions de)
López Carrera, Joan (Contribucions de)
Riu Roura, Josep (Contribucions de)

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