L’educació dels infants i adolescents en el sistema de protecció: Un problema o una oportunitat?

18.27 Preu sense IVA


The educational status of children and adolescents living in supervised residential care, or family or kinship, is little known and often falls into an area where responsibility always seems to correspond to another 'department', so that teachers , educators and welcoming are faced the problem alone.nThis publication is the result of data collection made for five school years and a pilot project in collaboration with the departments of Education and Social and Family Welfare, the disadvantage in that the population is shown supervised as to their schedules and learning outcomes. The difficulties tutored students in schools and the important differences observed between modalities of fostering and compared with the general population are analyzed. Data internationally experiences and recommendations are provided to the political agenda for practice and future research pose a challenge include: what until now has been seen as a 'problem' should become, for these children and teenagers, an opportunity.n

Montserrat Boada, Carme (Autor)
Casas Aznar, Ferran (Autor)
Baena Izquierdo, Mireia (Autor)

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