Les pintures murals de Sant Climent de Talltorta

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The interior of the church of Sant Climent de Talltorta (Bolvir, la Cerdanya) preserves an extensive pictorial program from the Baroque period. The scenes represented and the colorful decorative accompaniment make this complex, declared a Cultural Asset of National Interest (BCIN), one of the best showcases of Baroque art and culture in the Catalan Pyrenees. The paintings are an example of the use of art as a doctrinal instrument, understood here and once again as a powerful and suggestive visual Bible for the illiterate. The sophistication of the message behind the elaborate iconographic program aimed at the salvation of the human soul contrasts, however, with the artisanal tone with which it has been resolved, all giving it a unique singularity and charm.

Miralpeix i Vilamala, Francesc (Autor)

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