Pla d’igualtat entre dones i homes de la Universitat de Girona

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Day after day, we see that the formal recognition of the equality of men and women before the law, which envisage the Statute, the Spanish Constitution, and the entire legal system of the European Union, does not preclude the retention, and often aggravating situations of violence and discrimination victimitzen that degrade women and men, but without extending the gaze beyond the boundaries of the community...nnThere is a regulatory action, certainly, but they need, as much or more shares of deepening in the diagnosis of problems and social awareness, actions that at a time to show the complexity of the situations, discover its causes and find ways of operating progress in the achievement of equal opportunity.nnAnd it is this sense of marriage between knowledge and action plan that we put forward, such as those in the rest of the Catalan universities, is the result of a situation of which I think we should congratulate. n

Agüera Cabo, Mercè (Coordinació general de)
Gutiérrez Jaramillo, Obdúlia (Coordinació general de)


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