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This report is the baseline research for the CLIQ project, an INTERREG IVC project with 17 partners from 11 European countries, whose main objective is to strengthen local authority policy and their capacity to support innovation more effectively. The report offers a state of the art discussion on innovation and related fields, as well as a summary of the relevant European innovation, enterprise and regional policy initiatives. It then provides a snapshot of the project partners, including quantitative and qualitative information on their similarities and differences, especially in economical and social terms. It presents a directory of tools used by partners describing 73 tools across 9 different categories related to innovation and entrepreneurship. From these, we identify and describe more extensively 13 good practice cases and a suggested means for best mode of exploitation. Also included are summary maps describing the main insight, strategy and stakeholder interaction map for each of the project partners. Finally, based on this empirical basis and the opinions of external experts, we discuss the possible opportunities and challenges for the partners for learning and exchange within their network. n

MacGregor, Steven Patrick (Autor)
Marquès Gou, Pilar (Autor)
Simon Villar, Alexandra (Autor)
Bikfalvi, Andrea (Autor)
Llach Pagès, Josep (Autor)


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