Possessions, renda de la terra i treball assalariat

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This collection of essays wants to delve into some of the original features of modern Mallorcan agrarian structure. For one, the book rethinks the interpretation of the formation of the agricultural estates of the aristocracy during the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, and emphasizes the role that inequality played in the emergence of large estates and in earliness of some of these processes. Secondly, the book examines the process of formation of the possessions and explores the economic logic of the large estates and their operating units. Then the authors analyze the organization of space, land use systems and strategies followed by the landowners to deal with increases in economic costs entailed crop intensification. Finally, the authors show the spread of the lease short term, and try to analyze the relationships between the processes of agricultural intensification and the distribution of surplus between landlords, tenants and employees.

Jover i Avellà, Gabriel (Autor)
Pons Pons, Jerònia (Autor)

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