Product design projects at the University of Girona

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nThe projects presented in this volume, present a summary of the knowledge applied to a project, right through from the initial concept to the final proposal.n The general presentations of these projects are a reflection of the pedagogical discourse relating to the entire course of “Industrial design engineering and product development” of the University of Girona.n The general composition of the project is based on analytical reasoning, synthesis, categorization, assessment and decision making. Projects are set from a prescriptive view, and never from a descriptive view. The different stages of the projects are structured in the phases of information and analysis, conceptualization, alternative approaches and development.n n

Verdaguer Pujadas, Narcís (Autor)
Julián Pérez, Fernando (Autor)
Espinach Orús, Xavier (Autor)
Tresserras Picas, Josep (Autor)


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