Providencialisme i secularització a l’Europa moderna (segles XVI-XIX)

Torres Sans, Xavier
ISBN/ISSN: 9788499844497 Colection:Papers de l’Institut de Recerca Històrica (IRH) n° pags: 220 Language: cat,ita,fre,spa

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This collective volume, multilingual and multidisciplinary, is the result of a joint reflection, initiated orally in a research seminar held at the University of Girona towards the end of 2016 and subsequently re-elaborated in writing, on the incidence of religion in Europe modern; a time (centuries XVI-XVIII) often considered, and on the contrary, as the beginning of an inevitable or perfectly decanted process of secularization or 'disenchantment' of the world. In this book, then, the survival of the "Macabeo paradigm" is shown in the political thinking of modern Europe; nor would it be, of course, in competition or in combination with other languages ​​or points of view, such as law, republicanism or even friendship. Similarly, some other contributions place emphasis on the role of religion (or religious) in the social life of modern Europe. Because religion was not - nor is it - just a handful of ideas or beliefs about the 'beyond', but also a way of 'being here'. All this can be considered an indirect way of addressing the general problem of what we can call secularization and its limits
Torres Sans, Xavier (Autor)
Torres Sans, Xavier (Editor tècnic)

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