El ángel y el valido

Angelología política en la monarquía hispánica (1580-1635)
Galdeano Carretero, Rodolfo
ISBN/ISSN: 9788499845692 Colection:Papers de l’Institut de Recerca Històrica (IRH) n° pags: 152 Idioma: spa

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This book describes the emergence of a need: that of restoring the extraordinary wealth of angels as a motif in history. One only needs to explore the memory of the modern age to notice the enormous prominence of God’s messengers in all spheres and in any literary genre. If we focus our attention on the specific case of the political implications of heavenly spirits in the Spanish Monarchy (1580-1635), we notice the enormous importance of angelology as an organizational and referential model of the confessional society of its time. In keeping with this interest, with a broad look at the role of images, this book brings together four studies. In the first, in the light of the angelic hierarchies, the political implications of the glory that decorates the heart of the church of the Monastery of the Dump are interpreted. In the second, it is exposed how the angels comprised instrumental of the identity of the different kingdoms from Corona de Aragon. In the third, a new reading of the "valido", the most controversial political issue of the time, is made from the figure of the guardian angel. And, in the fourth, angelic matter is analysed in six works of providential literature.

Galdeano Carretero, Rodolfo (Autor)

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