Termodinàmica Química. Segona edició

Besalú i Llorà, Emili
ISBN/ISSN: 9788492707669 Colection:UdG Publicacions / Quaderns n° pags: 502 Idioma: cat

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Chemical Thermodynamics is a fundamental and basic discipline for students of varying degrees in science and technology. However, the intellectual level required to fully understanding not just the preparation of students, especially in the first-degree courses, where it has to teach the subject. Overall, the study of Thermodynamics requires that degree of care and, above all, for reflection. This is a perfectly orderly and consistent discipline that cannot be learned based on known concepts scattered but knowing precisely the link.nThis is a book of theory with embedded problems (almost all of them resolved or commented). However, the main feature will find that the reader wants to read to imply that it will decide on several issues and reflect and do consistency checks on what is learned each time. Learning of Thermodynamics requires continuous reflection and checking on the new knowledge acquired. n

Besalú i Llorà, Emili (Autor)


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