Una vil·la romana a la Selva: Casa dels Moros o Cavorca I a Sant Julià de Llor-Bonmatí


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Along the course of the river Ter, the remains of some Roman remains have long been known, which, however, have had little predicament among scholars and scholars. Certainly, it has not been until a few years ago that they have been the subject of interest and have definitely entered the specialized bibliography. These are quite remarkable ruins that are not together but separated by a hundred and a half meters. One, called Can Cavorca or Cavorca II, is located on an esplanade very close to the river. It is a construction only partially preserved, apparently isolated, well worked with small uniform blocks that used abundantly in its manufacture a remarkable amount of small fragments of quality white marble and, most likely, of various quarries that should proceed, as we think, of use material.

Augé Santeugini, Anna (Autor)
Nolla Brufau, Josep Maria (Autor)
Casas Genover, Josep (Autor)

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